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Ethylene glycol dimethyl ether

Cas No. 110-71-4

Cas 110-71-4
EINECS 203-794-9
MDL MFCD00008502
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Density/20 C 0.867
Boiling range 84-86 C
Viscosity/20 C 1.1
Flash point 1.11 C
Refractive index/20 C 1.3795
toxicity LD507000mg/kg not 6.1 of toxic chemicals
Dangerous nature inflammable matter

Assay(GC) 99.5%
Moisture 0.05%
Acidity(as HAC) 0.015%
Peroxide(H2O2) 0.005%

Uses: used in polymer chemistry , electrical chemistry and boron chemistry , or used in solvent.

Packing:180kg/208L sealed metal pail(UN No.:2252 Hazardous type:3 Packing type:II)

Glycol Diethers, 1 2-Dimethoxyethane, 1 2-ethanediol dimethyl ether, 2 5-Dioxahexane, alpha beta-dimethoxyethane, ansul ether 121, Dimethoxyethane, Dimethyl Cellosolve, DME, EGDME, ethylene dimethyl e, 110-71-4, EINECS 203-794-9, MDL MFCD00008502

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